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Meditation on Psalm 139

David’s deep meditation on the attributes of God led him to write Psalm 139. The truths of the psalm are mind-blowing truths about God. But to David, this mini-theological poem was deeply personal and practical.

How about taking four days to mediate on the four sections of the Psalm? If you’ve never taken time to pause, reflect and ponder these verses, and God Himself, I encourage you to do so. And, I guarantee your knowledge and appreciation of God will expand and that you will be profoundly enriched.

Here is the format: each section described, followed by a one-sentence observation and a call to respond:

1. Meditate on verses 1-6

God knows everything about you, but still loves and accepts you.

• What is your response to God?

2. Meditate on verses 7-12

Sin will keep you from the presence of God, or the presence of God will keep you from sin.

• What is your response to God?

3. Meditate on verses 13-18

God has specially crafted you with a loving purpose.

• What is your response to God?

4. Meditate on verses 19-24

Complete devotion to God can only be found in consistent examination for sin.

• What is your response to God?

Psalm 139:1 says,”O Lord, You have searched me and known me.” It’s an acknowledgement that GOD has already searched us and knows us. Once we’ve read through all of His attributes, only then do we invite Him to search and know us in verse 23. Psalm 139 takes us through these expansive thoughts about God so we will come to a place of humility.

Bonus: Ask a child, your child, grandchild, or some other these three questions: 1. Who is God? 2. What is He like? 3. What does He do? If you have time, share those profound thoughts in the comment section below.

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